Monday, April 30, 2012

A Love Letter Unread

One day, a Pittsburgh woman was going through an old attic trunk. In her mother's belongings, she discovered an 88 year old letter that was written to her mother's then 6 month old sister by her young brother who was fighting in France during World War I. The letter is dated April 8, 1919.xx

"Dear Little Sister,
Having not seen you yet but having heard so much about you I thought I would write you a few lines of course knowing that you will have to wait some time before you are able to read it, that you have a brother in France who is very anxious to see you and I am sure that you have another brother who is also over here that is anxious to see you, and we expect to be home and see our new sister soon. Hoping this finds you well and that I may soon be home with you I am your anxious, brother Bill.

Her brother Bill did return home to see his new sister, but unfortunately died a few short months later after being exposed to mustard gas in Europe. Bill's brother Peter who also served in France had returned to the states after the war but also died as a result of exposure to chemicals at the German Front.

It is interesting to note that since it was found in the belongings of the baby's older sister, in nearly nine decades, the true recipient never read what was intended for her eyes to see.